Frequently asked questions

  • How big is the Cytosponge™ capsule?

    About the same size as a paracetamol capsule.


  • How big is the Cytosponge™ when not compressed?

    It is a soft sponge about the size of a 50 pence coin. 

  • Will the procedure make me gag?

    The water makes it easier to swallow the capsule and string. You may gag when the nurse pulls the sponge out, but it will only take a second or two.

  • Can I get something to numb my throat?

    Most people prefer not to have a numbing spray, but this is available if you would like to have it.

  • What happens if the string breaks?

    This is extremely unlikely. However, if it does, the sponge will stay in the stomach, which is harmless. We will arrange for you to have an endoscopy the same day to remove the sponge.

  • What are the side effects?

    You might have a sore throat for a few hours after the procedure, which can be soothed with a sweet or lozenge.

  • How should I prepare for the test?

    We will ask you to not to eat or drink for 4 hours before the test. If you take any medication that acts to thin your blood, we will ask you to temporarily stop this prior to the procedure, based on advice from your doctor. You will be able to do continue with your day as normal.