The BEST3 Trial

Our research has found that the Cytosponge™ test is accurate at detecting Barrett’s oesophagus. The BEST3 trial will test if the Cytosponge™ is a good way to find Barrett’s when it is used in GP surgeries.

Why have I been invited? 

Your GP thinks this a good study and has decided to enrol patients in it. Your GP records show you are aged 50 or older and have been prescribed medication used to treat heartburn, acid reflux or indigestion.  

What will I need to do? 

You will have one Cytosponge test at your GP surgery. We will then let you know the results within 4-6 weeks by post. If your results are positive for Barrett’s it does not mean you have cancer. However, you will be monitored every few years for early signs of cancer.

Image courtesy of Cancer Research UK